Dye House 451

Myself and Fred Howell took on the space at 451 Wick Lane in July 2016 in an old construction company premises. We worked to transform the old neglected office space into a professional gallery space to host a program of exhibitions. We dismantled and broke down many elements in the space and designed and rebuilt a large proportion of the environment to fit our vision for the project. We also factored in an office / desk space area on the mezzanine level to rent out to small businesses to help cover costs for the gallery.
Alongside the physical build of the space we were working to develop the brand, apply for funding, organise the program of events and set up the business.

On 11th Aug 2016 we opened our doors to the public with our very first exhibition and many more were to follow. To keep up to date with the project or to see documentation of all the other exhibitions and events held at Dye House 451, please visit :